Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Just gave my first University Level Lecture

Yesterday I gave a lecture titled "Stereoscopic Systems and Design".

We went through iCinema's different Visualisation systems and showed off some of our content, both stereoscopic 3D and panoramic/dome apps.

Then I had my little talk about Stereoscopic systems and interesting depth perception gaming . . . including this cute little DSi game:

After a bit of technical talk about rendering into weird environments (I posted a little while back about rendering into a hemi-sphere dome), we moved on to the idea of Stereoscopic 3D in gaming and what kind of relevance it has.

It's interesting when you think about it . . . because as yet, there are no astounding breakthroughs in gameplay being brought about by 3D, but you can't argue against its value in terms of immersion. As we're just on the cusp of stereoscopy taking hold in the industry, I think it'll be a little while yet before we see anything genuinely revolutionary happen in gaming. The film industry's a bit ahead at the moment, rolling out a lot of 3D systems to retail (both cinemas and TVs), but at the moment, there are some key figures in the gaming market that haven't yet announced anything stereoscopic related (ATI and Xbox are my two biggest examples).

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