Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Australian Federal Election, aka What the Hell Just Happened?

3 days later and still no result.

I like to think this is because of a drop in support for the two major parties, neither of which has the confidence of Australia's population. A major swing to the left (I think it was a 4-5% swing to the Greens) as well as record high informal voting seems to suggest a true lack of confidence.

I voted Green . . . and I was planning on doing this even before Julia Gillard decided to depose Kevin Rudd. I lost confidence in Labor because of the failure of the Emissions Trading Scheme, inhumane treatment of genuine refugees and the internet filter idea. I'm hoping that the Greens' balance of power in the senate (and possibly even in the lower house) will make sure these issues stay on the radar.

I also wouldn't mind if the climate change skeptics move to the USA and join up with the "Flat Earth Society". You can hang out there in your little commune of ignoramuses and do whatever the hell you like . . . I just don't want all our descendants dying out unnecessarily on your behalf.

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