Thursday, 8 July 2010

Playstation 3

I finally got myself a PS3.

I guess over the last 5 years they've been out, I've either been playing only one game (yeah, you know what it is) or else playing PC games. I own a Wii, but in some ways I don't even consider that to be a current generation console . . . I guess it's just not flashy enough for my high end graphics tastes.

In the end, the decision to buy a PS3 came from the great exclusive titles they've got (Little Big Planet and Heavy Rain are two on my list of games I want to play) as well as the fact that most developers seem to be targeting consoles these days rather than PC (except for maybe Valve and Blizzard).

The beauty of getting a console this late is that everything's really cheap now! I'm looking at games that won game of the year etc over the last 3 years and seeing them selling in stores for $30-40 (Metal Gear Solid 4). I'm also looking forward to some interesting PSN (Playstation Network) titles like Fat Princess, the PixelJunk series and Flower (Castle Crashers is also coming out soon on PSN).

So far I'm quite impressed by the quality of the graphics . . . God of War 3 was particularly well done, and of course, the joy of 4 player co-op Fat Princess has been quite hilarious.

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