Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Moving House

It's ok . . . I'm not dead . . . just moving house (and I have no internet at home at the moment, it's still being connected)

It's amazing when you've been living in one house for more than six years and you have a good look at how much crap you've accumulated . . . Over the last week I've been packing it all into boxes, suitcases, backpacks etc and climbing the three flights of stairs to my new apartment (yeah, I bought property).

We're now in a situation where we have appliances, most of our furniture is in the spots we want for them and we're just unpacking the last few boxes and suitcases and putting them into place. I'll post some photos of the new joint once I get some spare time :)

Thanks to all the people who helped us move . . . it was great to have a big posse, both in numbers and in a couple of large people who could manhandle big pieces of furniture around. We'll have you all over for dinner once we actually build the table.

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