Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Lost My Wallet

It's an incredibly annoying experience I'm sure . . . but when you're leaving the country in 2 days it gets a bit worse.

After an hour or so of turning the car upside down and Yvonne's house, we were pretty certain that my wallet had completely disappeared. I was reasonably sure it'd popped out of my back pocket in a mad rush through the rain at KFC in Maroubra. Supposedly it's the world telling us we shouldn't be eating such unhealthy food :P I'd come up with a crackpot theory that the guy who'd pulled in next to us and rather suspiciously not gone in to order any food was the culprit. I think after turning the car and house over, I couldn't come up with any other ideas.

So I went through the annoying list of things you need to do . . . cancelled my bank cards and started trying to figure out how to get cash for overseas. I ended up picking up a "travelling cash card", which is pretty much travellers' cheques on a card . . . very handy. I started checking out the forms I'd need to get a new driver's licence and all those other things that are really annoying to lose . . .

Then yesterday afternoon I got a call from someone in student services at UNSW. "Hello Marc . . . have you lost something recently?" "Hell yeah . . . I lost my wallet yesterday". It turns out someone had found it lying by the side of the road at UNSW and handed it in. It'd been stripped of all cash, discount cards, bus tickets and bank cards . . . but at least I got my driver's licence and UNSW staff card back . . . not to mention the wallet itself.

If anyone out there works at Boost and someone orders a free Boost (yeah, I had exactly 10 points) with the name "Marc", can you perform a citizen's arrest for me? hehehe. Likewise if someone spends a JB Hifi voucher for $20 with my name on it . . . I love the idea of a citizen's arrest . . . it's like "Pistols at Dawn" carried out by honourable gentlemen in a bygone era.

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