Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Interview with Restore, Restart, Quit?

I had a brief chat with a guy named Rohan Harris on the Byteside forums following the Game Jam and the awesome media attention we got there.

Among other things, he runs a podcast called Restore, Restart, Quit? and he asked me to join in for a chat. I was there along with Glen Forrester, the maker of Gnilley (the awesome vocalisation based game made in the same Game Jam as Spy Wear) as well as Epona Schweer who teaches at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Sydney. We had a really interesting chat about all kinds of things related to the Jam, Indie game dev and things like that. By we I unfortunately mean that a lot of Glen's chat was separate because of his fickle internet connection, but I hope it doesn't affect the final product (which I'm about to listen to now). Also props to Glen for managing to play Bioshock 2 at the same time as supposedly being in an interview :P

Head over and check it out :)

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