Monday, 8 February 2010

Going to Rome

I'm headed to Rome for an iCinema exhibition in just over a week. It's really exciting :)

I took the liberty of taking a couple of days off and getting my flight there booked a little early . . . so I've got time to check out all those crazy Roman ruins in person (yeah, I blatantly stole the above image from wikipedia's Colosseum entry.

It should be a lot of fun . . . I'm just getting all my bits and pieces together. I have my flight itinerary and my hotel booking . . . most of my time at work at the moment is spent preparing what I'm going to be doing over there. We're going to be setting up an AVIE that will run for about 2 months showing some kewl immersive panoramic art pieces.

I've done my obligatory "Is anyone going to be in Rome?" status on facebook, and if all goes well, will be meeting up with one of my cousins there. Looking forward to it!

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