Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Holy Robot Empire

After the game jam last weekend and our happy moment of receiving the "Jammers' Choice" award, we decided to stick together and finish our game as well as make more games. It's funny how things like this just fall on you . . . when a few days before I didn't even think of myself as a game developer, just a guy with a whole lot of ideas about game design.

Well, we've got our company up and running now, and the website is up at: Holy Robot Empire. I haven't had that much time to populate our website, but there's just enough info up there to leave you wanting more :P

The main thing though is that our version 1.0 of Spy Wear is up there. This first release version runs a lot smoother without crashing on weird network stuff and has most of the bugs ironed out. If you give it a go (and if you're one of my close friends I'll probably force it on you at some stage) please buzz me in one way or another and let me know what the play experience was like . . . we're always looking to improve :)

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