Friday, 29 January 2010

Jury Duty

It's on Monday . . . I'm so excited.

People have been giving me weird looks when I say I'm excited about jury duty. Most people see it as something that's boring and a chore that no one would want to do. Maybe I've seen one too many courtroom dramas and I've psyched myself up for a grand show with Judge Judy vs some exhibitionist lawyers (I used to do Law Revue at UNSW, so pretty much the only law students I ever met were exhibitionists).

Either way, I think it would be interesting for the first day to go into an ostentatious court room and see the way a court of law works . . . maybe after the first week I won't be as happy about it. Still I've got my ticket to Rome which says I can't serve on the jury for more than two weeks, so at least there's a limit to my commitment.

I'll post my first impressions after Monday.

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