Thursday, 28 January 2010

First Post

Opening up proceedings for the first time.

I guess there are a lot of things I want to talk about . . . technological hurdles, interesting games, a little Australian politics and just general getting around and doing things. Let's start with where I am right now . . .

I work for iCinema. Primarily I fiddle with high end stereoscopic projection techniques (yeah, the same ones you use to watch Avatar :P) and I've also been doing research recently into surround audio techniques (Ambisonics vs dynamic panning . . . This is something I want to dedicate a post to later). Every time I come across something interesting at work that's usually out of the reach of us lowly computer consumers, I'll make sure I post some info.

I play a lot of computer games. My World of Warcraft subscription ran out a few days ago, so the plural in games is significant :P I've got a list of games from last year I haven't finished and upcoming things I'm interested in . . . I'll be posting short reviews and opinions on games as I play them. This weekend I'm taking part in the Global Game Jam . . . so we'll see how well/badly I do in a 48 hour no sleep game dev challenge.

I'm a bass player . . . our band is called Asi, and it's a crazy ride into Indian influenced electronic music with rock . . . accompanied by live art. We're on a hiatus at the moment while our tabla player is in India honing his art, but we're planning on rewriting most of the album this year.

I occasionally work as a production/stage manager for a couple of small theatre groups around Sydney. Not much on the horizon at the moment, but when something comes up, some info will magically appear in this space.

I like History and Politics . . . I can't say I know that much about either, especially in comparison to my technological research, but every now and then something will come up that interests me, so it will appear here also.

I think that's enough of an introduction. From here on, we'll get into the meat of things . . .