Saturday, 30 January 2010

First night at the Game Jam

It's 3am on the first night at the Jam. I'm thinking of getting 2 or 3 hour's sleep. Here's a look at our design documents. It's kinda funny . . . we spent the first 2 hours with a plan . . . then somewhere along the way it fell apart and we realised that the plan had fatal flaws that were going to completely kill our ability to make it into a game. So these design documents were left behind.

That's ok though . . . James came back from the bathroom with a brainstorm and we were all on. We've got a bunch of art assets in the pipeline, the coders are working on the engine and some networking . . . I've got most of our sound effects ready and have written a "game logic" document specifying exactly what behaviours can/will happen given certain situations. We're looking ok for the next day or so . . . hopefully we'll have something marginally functioning tomorrow night and we can do some play testing and polishing over the night and submit it on Sunday around midday (our deadline is 1pm).

It's a really awesome environment here. Everyone's really friendly and it feels like a genuinely cooperative place where everyone's helping each other out where possible. We were a little apprehensive when security referred to us as being "in lockdown" but it doesn't seem to be that harsh in reality. Anyways, it's time to catch a few zzzzzzzzzs and then I'll be back into it later.

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