Monday, 14 February 2011

Cat Shit One

I just got bounced the first episode of a new CG anime that's been released called Cat Shit One (thanks to the recent father). It's based on PMCs in the Middle East, which is kinda blase now, but the hilarious thing is that they're cute bunnies . . . no really . . . I got the authority from my significant other who is an expert on whether rabbits are cute (it's an arbitrary judgement).

There's nothing funnier than watching an assault bunnie gunning down a series of anthropomorphic camels . . . let's not dig too deep into the underlying racism in making the different nationalities into different species of animals and just enjoy the awesome CG military action.

A warning for anyone who's keen on watching a lot of this, only the first episode is out so far, out of a planned 12, and there's no release date set on even the 2nd episode . . . so I wouldn't get too excited after you've watched the first free episode . . .

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