Monday, 28 February 2011

Artemis Space Ship Bridge Simulator

Nerds of the Universe, rejoice . . . your Star Trek fantasies have finally come true.

Artemis Ship Bridge Simulator is a unique social multiplayer game. If you've ever watched Star Trek, you would have seen the ship's bridge . . . with either William Shatner or Patrick Stewart sitting in his chair in the middle, politely commanding his officers to to certain tasks, like helm (drive) the ship, or control weapons etc etc.

Artemis allows you to do that with a group of your friends. With a few people sitting around with laptops, you can play out ship to ship combat by each taking on a different role. Everyone can see the main screen, the view out the front of your ship, while each station has its own unique purpose. Engineering controls the balance of power between engines and weapons and shields while the Science officer reads out radar information etc. In the middle of all this, the Captain doesn't even get a computer, they just make decisions and asks people to "Make it so".

I'm trying to organise a weekend where a few of my nerd friends will come over and play it . . . I just need to find some spandex bodysuits . . .

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