Friday, 10 December 2010

Crowded House

Last night I watched Crowded House's "final" performance on the Opera House steps.

Recently I decided to go back to listening to them . . . I found a greatest hits CD set from JB and have been  playing it nearly non stop while I'm at home.

Neil Finn's depth of emotion in his music and lyrics is awesome. I never really listened to the band when I was younger . . . I was always searching for something more obscure and unheard of, prejudiced against anything that might have too much popular appeal. I've gladly gotten over that kind of thing now (although there are probably a lot of good reasons to be prejudiced against music that has widespread popular appeal . . . there's a lot of marketing and not a lot of creativity going around).

Anyway, here's my favourite . . . enjoy:


  1. Welcome to the club! Did Elias and/or Shakthi have anything to do with your rekindled interest?

    I was lucky enough to be there. This was my first every Crowded House concert- and I was thinking, when will I get to see them again! Thankfully Neil Finn still weaves his lyrical and musical genius in other projects.

    Funny, today I was listening to the Hottest 100 and one of the top 10 songs was a cover of 'Fall at your feet'- also one of my favourites. The cover wasn't too bad either.

  2. Actually, I went back to them quite randomly . . . it was part of an idea that crept into my head that great music was timeless . . . so I should go back and listen to artists that aren't necessarily contemporary. David Bowie's the next on the list.

    That cover of Fall at your Feet is great :)