Thursday, 14 October 2010

An appreciation for Art

I should have posted this ages ago, because it's something I discovered in New York while I was over there.

Having heard the name Van Gogh a lot over the years, I'd never really cared for his art. Pastoral landscapes etc never held any charm for me.

That was until I visited The Met in New York. I saw his actual art and I was mesmerised. There's something beautiful about someone using thick paint in really strong brush strokes . . . so that years later, someone like me can come past and see it and in a way, see the painting being painted.

I'm sure this won't work for just any artist . . . it was the fact that I was seeing the brush strokes of a true visionary that helped a lot. There was just something about the imagination and creativity that went into the shape of the wind moving through the wheat field and the clouds in the sky that captured me for a while there. I nearly bought a print, but you know . . . not being able to see the thick oil on the canvas, it just wouldn't be the same.

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