Tuesday, 7 September 2010

An Update on Gaming

I realised that there have been a lot of games I've been playing recently that I haven't posted anything about . . . and I don't really have time to review each one individually, so I thought I'd skim over them al quickly in one post:

God of War 3
I mentioned this in another post a while back . . . it's a lot of fun, over the top violence. We liked to call it "A thinking man's game" every time a puzzle came up because it's really not a puzzle or a thinking game . . . it's all about the ultra violence :)

Transformers War for Cybertron
Yeah, I know, we all wanted it to be the best game ever made because it was the transformers and we all get bigger hard ons for them than girls. It was ok. I even finished it even though there are much better games out there. But all it was was ok.

Red Dead Redemption

Take everything from the Grand Theft Auto series and refine it. Set it somewhere completely different . . . instead of a bustling city, it's sparse, mostly arid landscape. Give it a nice strong storyline and addictive side quests and you've got a hit.

The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom
I love the theme . . . it's like a black and white film with a dastardly villain who steals pies :P Also an intriguing puzzle game.

Alien Swarm
This one got its own post before just before it was released. It's several flavours of awesome, especially after they patched it and added stupidly hard friendly fire, AI director and brutal difficulty . . . it's also free, so it's a no brainer.

Metal Gear Solid 4
WTB Cutscenes? Some of the extended cutscenes in this game go for over half an hour. Still . . . the gameplay is great and the story is engaging . . . if you like crazy Japanese over complicated narrative with people named "Big Boss" and "Big Mama" etc etc.

Enjoying this a lot. You're an electrically powered super hero running around an island filled with bad guys. On top of that, most of the story exposition is very graphic novel based. What's not to like?

Starcraft 2
It had to get a mention. I ran a LAN and a small tournament (the prize was the privilege of wearing a KFC bucket on your head). The multiplayer is awesome . . . although it's a super stressful experience and I really can't take that much more of it. The campaign is also a blast . . . so much more variation than you usually get in a RTS.

Fat Princess
Four players sitting around one playstation chasing princesses and forcing cake down them. It's chaotic and fun.

Castle Crashers
Four players sitting around one playstation (wait, where have I heard that before) playing old school beat em up action in an awesome setting dreamt up by a crazy comic artist. Add cute little animals, unlockable characters and weapons and you've got a game that you can't put down . . . you'll finish it probably 4 or 5 times before you start to get bored.

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