Friday, 9 April 2010

Asi - Just started writing our 2nd Album

Our band, Asi has been around for quite some time now . . . maybe 2 years? (I forget exactly).

We started off as a bunch of musicians who recorded Shakthi's album for him. He was the driving force and the songwriter and we added our little pieces to his songs to create the first album, The Waiting.

After that, we decided it might be fun to play our work live. This is really quite hard to do when the album had been recorded by a large number of individual musicians who actually hadn't been in the same room together during recording. We had to decide which songs would work with a small group and how we would rearrange things so that they'd be playable live. Through 2008 and 2009, we did a series of gigs with our "live" group.

These were a lot of fun . . . although stressful at times :) We mixed live sounds and electronic sounds, while Aimee was illustrating live.

As we went along, we wrote new songs, added things to old songs and starting moving from live instruments and a sometimes rock feel over to a very electronically driven band. We liked this sound . . . although it became a logistical nightmare to play live.

Now that it's 2010 and we've all had a little break, we've decided to go back to writing. The band has evolved a lot since the first album. This time we're writing an album as a group and we're bringing in all the experiences we've shared playing music together over the last few years. Instead of rushing to get everything together for a gig, we're sitting down and really thinking about what we want something to sound like . . . we're taking our time to write the music and record it . . . and in a few month's (no promises on how many months :P) we hope to have something we're really proud of.

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