Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Google vs China

There's a lot of talk passing around the internet at the moment about Google in China.

Google has decided to shut down its censored google.cn and instead redirected to google.com.hk, the hong kong based (and uncensored) version of its search engine. This is a big move by Google, because the Chinese government could see this as them trying to circumvent their national laws and some of the Chinese media has already had a a few negative things to say about Google's disrespect for them.

CNet has a few reports on the subject.

I hope this works out well for Google in the end. Censorship of the media and government control of the flow of information into a country is an affront to basic civil rights.

Also . . . I'm hoping that when our government tries to censor the internet here in Australia, Google will have a similar response. I can imagine a huge voter swing against Stephen Conroy and his warped crusade to protect us from the phatom dangers of the internet when he becomes "the man who drove Google out of Australia".

We can only hope.

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